RAVECLEAN™ is a non-profit organization devoted to creating joy in the lives of others, purely through EDM (Electronic Dance Music) and dance.

RAVECLEAN™ collaborates with local communities to organize open, free to attend, drug and alcohol free, rave-style dances, using donations of time, money, services, equipment and venues.

Love, joy, service and community are the essence and core values of RAVECLEAN™.


Nick Denning (aka Kid Denning) serves as President and CEO of RAVECLEAN. He has been producing electronic music for eight years. He brings to the table a unique blend of upbeat rave-style EDM and hip-hop inspired bass music. Nick plays a variety of instruments including guitar, violin, string bass, and ukulele. He also excels in web page and multimedia design, computer programming, and graphic design. With his knowledge of fundamental musical elements and technology, he continues to produce electronic music with a repertoire exceeding 30 tracks under the name Kid Denning.

Nick has been in long-term recovery from substance use since January of 2014. He began DJing in early 2015 with performances that included RAVECLEAN’s inaugural event, LVL1, in March. It all started when Denning befriended a number of people in the recovery community who shared his desire to spread joy through EDM and dance. He then joined together with these like-minded people to provide a safer, drug- and alcohol-free rave experience. Nick looks forward to sharing the joy present at these clean raves with the rest of the world.

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Daniel Reis serves as Treasurer and COO of RAVECLEAN with a diverse skillset gleaned from 15 years of looking for something that he could believe in. Experienced in the fields of law, business management, food service, computer science, auto repair, construction and home repair, Daniel has tried his hand at just about everything on his quest for a spiritually fulfilling calling. Daniel is able to employ his background in law and wealth of experience dealing with interdepartmental conflicts with RAVECLEAN.

Daniel has been in recovery from substance use since April 28, 2014. About a year after getting clean, Daniel and a few friends in recovery stumbled upon an idea that finally struck a deep and resounding chord within him. He knew what he was meant to do. Daniel is wholeheartedly committed to making RAVECLEAN a smoothly operating machine that is constantly spreading the message of love, joy and hope throughout the world.

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Jon Gerler (aka DJ FM) serves as Creative Director of RAVECLEAN. Jon brings to the table over 15 years of experience as a DJ and producer in the Southeast EDM scene, 25 years as a multi-instrumentalist, and 20 years in the graphic/web design industry. As a musician, Jon has DJed from Baltimore to Burning Man. He has performed his own original electronic music with a live band and frequently incorporates live instruments into his DJ sets. He has produced over 90 songs, instrumentals and remixes, in addition to having his original tracks used on MTV’s Real World, Road Rules, The Hills, and Making The Band.

Jon has gratefully been in long-term recovery from substance use since November of 2009. His first gig in recovery was Revolution Raleigh (at Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh), which he helmed as resident DJ for the better part of 3 years. It was the first monthly *cirque-themed* EDM party in the Triangle area, and drew crowds averaging 400+ in a market notoriously difficult for EDM. His most recent LP, “Last Man Standing" was written during his first year of recovery. He got involved with RAVECLEAN when he saw a tiny Facebook page called "Ravecovery" and reached out inquiring if he could DJ their first event...and the rest is history! He looks forward to bringing his passion and vision to audiences everywhere.

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Rachel Ryding serves as Secretary of RAVECLEAN. She is currently working towards completing a Bachelor’s degree in sociology and criminology at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Rachel is actively involved in advocating for students in recovery from addictive disorders on campus. She has helped with the development of a collegiate recovery program and co-founded a parallel student organization. Rachel has also worked professionally in an addiction treatment center for over two years and on a volunteer basis within local recovery communities for over four years.

Rachel has been in long-term recovery from substance use since April of 2011. She was 19 when she quit drinking and using drugs and since then has been determined to smash the stigma surrounding addiction and recovery. Rachel was introduced to RAVECLEAN when she attended their LVL1 event in early 2015. Afterwards she began a conversation with the organizers that blossomed into plans for a larger event in her hometown and her continued involvement with the organization. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to take her passion for fun and service to the next level with RAVECLEAN. She wants everyone, not just people in recovery, to have access to rave-style dance parties that remove the focus from drug and alcohol use and place emphasis on the pure, joyful energy that can be found at these events.

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