RAVECLEAN™ is on a mission! Care to join us?

We're creating pure joy and making it available to anyone who wants it, with no unintended side effects...other than possibly finding yourself happier and more connected than you thought you could be!

We believe in this mission for all kinds of reasons, including:

  • It's simply good.
  • It's good to do good. (No, that's not redundant!)
  • Increasing joy in the lives of others might save a life.
  • The risk of destructive side effects that goes hand-in-hand with drug and alcohol use, in the moment and over time, isn't worth it. Especially since...
  • Drugs and alcohol aren't necessary to have a great time!

There's not enough places to dance and listen to awesome EDM DJ's and producers with no interference from drug and alcohol use. In fact, there can never be too many!


As you know, we manifest our mission by producing free-at-the-door rave-style EDM dance parties. There's at least two big reasons to get involved with helping that those of us already involved hold closely:

1. The amazing feeling of being involved in something for the pure good of it, and increase in self-esteem and sense of purpose on the planet.
2. While our events are free-at-the-door, it takes time and resources to make them happen. We simply can't keep going without these.
3. The more who are involved, the more joy we can spread.

Okay, so that's three reasons...not two. There must be hundreds! What's yours?

Here's how you can be a part of RAVECLEAN™:

  • Donate $. Monetary donations provide us with the most flexibility. A donation in any amount is helpful and appreciated.

  • Donate time, services, equipment, a venue / suggestion of where to bring RAVECLEAN™ next...or just say something nice about us!

Thank you for your attention, regardless of whether you decide to get involved or not. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us via Facebook private at, or email us at Otherwise, we hope to see you soon at one of our upcoming raves!